Audit to implementation

Buildings are like people, and without frequent check-ups, age and poor habits can really creep up on them. A simple energy audit once every few years can help you stay on top of your building's health. Through a simple four step process, our trained experts will identify and capture savings that you may have thought were fixed costs, and prove those savings out...year after year. AE will also work closely with various provincial and federal programs to help subsidize your energy improvement efforts.

Step 1. Audit/Data Gathering
Whether you have opportunities that you know need investigating, or you are curious what opportunities exist at your facility, AMG will sit down with you to identify and define the extent of your energy (or other) needs. We'll utilize our measurement equipment in order to investigate your company’s usage amounts and patterns. Accurate data gathering and analysis is crucial to project success. A data-driven company is a well-managed company.

Step 2. Management Plan
Next, AMG will work together with your company to design and develop your personalized conservation/management project. We will consider ways to reduce overall usage, peak demand, and optimize your power factor. We will look at every option including equipment upgrades, automation, behavioral changes and rate class placement. We'll review options to consistently locate savings opportunities, capture them, and reinforce the pattern throughout your workforce, resulting in an environment of continuous improvement

Step 3. Implementation
The next step is to realize your savings. Whether the plan entails HVAC upgrades, alternative energy sources, construction, or MARC-II automation, AMG has the knowledge and expertise to see the project through to completion. We have extensive project management experience to oversee the work so that you don’t have to worry; including tendering, selecting contractors, administering contracts, sourcing materials, and supervising installation. AMG is able to take on the entire process or specific segments to ensure efficient, smooth and complete implementations.

Step 4. Measurement and Verification
One of the most important aspects of resource management implementations is the measurement and verification after the fact to ensure that technology and processes are performing as intended. AMG can provide complete measurement and verification processes designed to assure both funders and our client that savings are being attained, and your payback period is being met.


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