For those clients who are looking for more than a one-time upgrade or retrofit, AMG offers its expertise in implementing a comprehensive and ongoing energy program, frequently referred to as an EMIS. For many companies, Energy Management Information Systems allow management and staff to see energy consumption on a daily, hourly, or up-to-the-minute basis, and assign accountability to the appropriate employees, driving real world results. EMIS combines accurate data measurement and capture with practical business processes to effect continuous improvement in your facility, regardless of size.

While AMG offers our own suite of software and sensors (MARC-II), we also frequently employ software and hardware from other suppliers. We are, above all, a solutions company.

Step 1. EMIS Audit
AMG works closely with the client to define their unique needs and purpose for seeking out an EMIS solution. Existing solutions will be considered and integrated, and business processes and responsibilities will be evaluated to ensure a perfect, custom fit with the EMIS program. Costs and savings will be estimated, and a business case prepared.

Step 2. EMIS Plan
We will begin by determining the Energy Account Centers (EAC's). Equipment will be specified to capture, store, and analyze data. Business process integration will be developed and a training program devised to ensure a smooth and effective transition into the program. Costs and savings will be finalized.

Step 3. EMIS Implementation
AMG can oversee the implementation of both the physical hardware and software, as well as the business processes. The software will be tailored with customized dashboards and digital interfaces. AMG will oversee education of the staff through documentation, hands-on lessons, and support. We will provide visual aids as reminders and teaching tools. 

Step 4. Support
AMG stands behind our work. We provide ongoing technical and management support to ensure that you get the most out of your EMIS program.


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