AMG has worked with a number of industrial customers including manufacturing sites, packaging plants, and healthcare/research facilities. The following is a short list of solutions we are familiar with.

Building and System Control: (For more info, see MARC-II)
Heating and Cooling: Heat pumps, solar heat, equipment upgrades.
Lighting: LED, fluorescent, occupancy sensors, timers.
Building Envelope: Insulation, thermal bridging, air-tightness.
Refrigeration and Freezing: Compressor configuration and control, heat recovery.
Compressed Air: Demand/supply, compressor configuration and control, leak detection.
Energy Storage: Heat sinks, cisterns.
Alternative Generation: Solar, wind, anaerobic digestion, etc.
Digital Modelling: AutoCAD, RETScreen, HAP.
Non-Operational Losses: Ensuring that unnecessary energy uses are controlled optimally.
Demand Management: Power factor control; peak coincidence analysis; direct load control.

As required, we engage experts in other technology areas to assist with specific projects. AE is often invited by other organizations to provide energy specific expertise. We encourage consulting firms seeking energy expertise to contact us for more information on working together.


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