AMG is proud to partner with the Town of Berwick in the development and implementation of the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program. The Town of Berwick's PACE Program is among the first of its kind in Canada.

The program was created to help finance Energy Efficient Upgrades to residential and commercial properties within Berwick. The municipality provides low-interest loans to install insulation, draft proofing, energy efficient windows and doors, and electric heat pump systems. Building owners can borrow up to 15% of the property's assessed value and have up to 10 years to repay the loan, which appears as an additional line item on their property tax bill, an innovative new approach that is sure to spread to other municipalities. AMG's third party consultants work to ensure that the process is as smooth and effective as possible, from registration to final inspection.

Berwick residents who wish to get involved in the PACE Program can follow the directions below to get started.

Step 1 Registration

To enroll in the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program, you must first register. Registration forms are available at Berwick Town Hall or on our website.

Step 2 Home Energy Assessment

If your registration is accepted, you will receive a Notice of Approval indicating that you have pre-qualified for the program. You can then pursue a Home Energy Assessment (HEA).
If you are an electric space heating customer, visit for more information about home energy assessments.
If your home is heated by another method such as oil, AMG Energy can complete an HEA for you. AMG Energy will assess your report to determine the savings to investment ratio and approve your property for formal entry into the program.

Step 3 Agreement(s)

Submit a signed copy of the Customer Agreement. If a mortgage is currently held on the property, submit a copy of the Lender Consent form.

Step 4 Quote

Based on the priority identified through the HEA, AMG Energy will direct you to first pursue upgrades to your building envelope or heating system. AMG Energy will supply you with a list of approved contractors for either project. Seek out one or more of these contractors to assess the job and provide a price quotation. Have your preferred contractor help you fill out the Upgrade Agreement form. Submit the form to AMG Energy who will make a recommendation to the Town of Berwick.

Step 5 Upgrades

If the Town of Berwick approves the proposed installation at the proposed cost laid out in the Upgrade Agreement, the Town will directly contact the installer on your behalf.

Step 6 Repayment

Congratulations! You should now be enjoying the benefits of your Energy Efficient Upgrades! You will notice a Property Assessed Clean Energy Improvement Tax applied to your next property tax bill. At this point you may re-enter Step 4 and submit a second quote for even more Energy Efficient Upgrades.

Town of Berwick - PACE Program - Registration Form
Town of Berwick - PACE Program - Customer Agreement
Town of Berwick - PACE Program - Upgrade Agreement

Town of Berwick - PACE Program - Lender Consent Form

The answers to the PACE and Berwick Electric Commission questions in the bill inserts are below:

1. How long has Berwick had its own electric utility?

95 years, since 1916 and before the Town was incorporated.

2. How much energy does your Berwick Electric Commission generate from its own green sources? 

25%. The Berwick Electric Commission has a hydroelectric dam on the South Mountain and operates a wind farm in Ellershouse, Hants County.

3. How much energy could you save at your house through the Town of Berwick's PACE program? 

40% is possible through a combination of weatherproofing and electric heat pumps. The best part is that you save money right from the start as the Town provides financing on your property tax bill over 10 years.