Jim Chambers – CEO, Chambers Developments
“Two year ago, AMG Energy advised us on sensible and effective upgrades to one of our multi-tenant buildings. Now we review our energy bills and prove out the savings month after month. Savings have been 40% of energy costs.”


Stephanie Minshull – Manager, Facility, Validation and Safety, Immucor
“AMG actually took the time to live with our company and built business cases for a number of energy saving measures. The best thing is they’re keen to base their advice on hard measurements rather than assumptions. The data always comes first with them.”


Errol Wagner – Stationary Engineer, Clearwater Seafood
“After upgrading the difficult areas of lighting and saving us a bundle, AMG Energy set us up with U-MARC. Now we can track and control energy use in real time with the ability to add temperature and other parameters down the road. No more unexpected surprises when the energy bill comes around.”

Don Regan – CAO, Town of Berwick
“AMG has been invaluable in helping to develop and now in administering the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program, which finances energy efficient upgrades for homes and businesses throughout the Town of Berwick. ”


Steve McMahon – Deputy Fire Chief, Berwick and District Fire Department
“AMG Energy defined the energy solution for our new fire hall, including a solar hot water system for the apparatus area. It’s proven to be a practical solution that’s driven our costs down. We were impressed with the quality of service and insight they brought to the table.”


Amanda Fancy - Owner/Operator, Gow's Home Hardware
"AMG has taken a thorough and thoughtful approach to managing our oversized HVAC equipment. The result has been a 30% reduction in energy usage with an eight month payback. Through U-MARC they continue to monitor, manage and advise with excellent service and reliability."